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June 1, 2020 What’s New

As a talisman against the COVID-19, we have started selling it as an art that you can easily decorate the plague-sealing goblin “Amabie”.

Art print “Amabie”

May 7, 2020 What’s New

As a countermeasure against the COVID-19, the plague-sealing goblin “Amabie” has arrived

Amabie is a goblin that appeared in Higo (Kumamoto Prefecture) about 180 years ago (Edo period) and predicted epidemics and countermeasures.
The appearance is depicted with long hair, a bird-like beak, a scale-covered torso, and three legs.
There is a legend that he disappeared into the sea after saying, “If you get sick, show my copy to people.”

“Amabie appeared”
“Amabie battle start”

April 25, 2020 What’s New

With the spread of the COVID-19 infection, Jean Pierre Anpontan commented.

Now, the COVID-19 is causing unprecedented turmoil around the world.

Keeping “sanity” as a good cultural person without wondering who scattered the virus for what, complaining about the incompetence of the administration, or being at the mercy of various media such as TV Let’s do it. What is important now is the teamwork of all humankind all over the world.

I think the COVID-19 is a small “alien” who came to conquer the world. We human beings cannot be defeated by such aliens. In the past, humankind has successfully repelled viruses that have launched various attacks with “wisdom and courage.” That’s why we never lose.

However, it seems to me that this turmoil around the world is caused by humankind beings being too inclined to “economic supremacy”. Those who do not value their lives, those who discriminate against and oppress the weak, those who can only think of themselves, those who do not follow the rules and do not try to join forces, such fools are steadily increasing. At this rate, the “smile” will disappear from the human face someday. I am not joking! This is exactly what the COVID-19 Alien wants. The ultimate weapon of humankind is “laughing.”

I can’t go out now, so let’s read a book, listen to music, and watch a movie. Also try writing a letter to a distant friend. Strengthen your mind, calm your mind, train your humor, and let us earthlings join forces with each other. And let’s fight the enemy “COVID-19 Alien”!

Jean Pierre Anpontan