Jean-Pierre Anpontan

Nationality, gender, age, and all other are mysterious artist.

― I want to expand my oasis of mind through humor ―

The unique feature of Jean-Pierre Anpontan is that it expresses the outlook on life and the prayer for peace as a story studded with humor.

“Human” and “Humour” are considered to have the same meaning, and the work that humorously expresses human stupidity and pathos is attractive.

The first “King of the Desert Series”

A journey story woven by a slightly foolish king and a wise partner camel.

Comically depicted, this work sometimes goes to the scorching desert and sometimes to space in search of an “oasis of mind.”

Camel words are the quotes and sayings of great men, and are fun art works with a story that heals what you see and makes you smile.

You will get useful tips and fun in life.

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